Rabu, 07 Maret 2012

Tips to become a dj

My advice is for people who want to become a DJ .

we briefly

DJ is a game . ! (why?)

because a DJ is a player which means the player . !
of course there are players in the game .

if my friends want to be respected DJ . ! There are some requirements to be come a DJ

  • 1. Pendengaran nice . !
  • 2. Penangkapan sound (music) is good!
  • 3. Patient
  • 4. Do not careless
  • 5. Do not was so proud when DJ: Grin
It one of requirements if you want to jd DJ
but not all of it is true "be your self" is just a basic foundation to become a DJ . !

DJ not only game that's easy .
If diliat it easy . !
if done it really difficult . !

I can tell you why it is difficult because of where the DJ mixes mixing a song into a song that can be said perfect or without flaw ... disconnected! and also where the DJs have, the spirit of the clubbers ....

(We know only the clubbers come to the club to cool off from their job during the day)

I think that's one important point to be come a DJ

Thanks Guys

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